Atecco Learning and Training is an Initiative of Atecco Technologies to produce high quality professionals in the IT industry with so many discoveries happening around you except you challenged and inspire as we open your mind the latest thinking in your subject area. The industry is growing at an unprecedented rate and there is more for invention then ever.We at Atecco are dedicated to provide quality training across all disciplines of the modern tech industry.


Atecco aims to train student by giving them intenship opportunities with the latest tools and requirements to meet the challenges of the modern tech industry.We believe that comfort with the basics principles is what ultimately drives innovation,the lifeblood invention.To achieve this we are invention the best mind to become a part our team


  • Website Devolpment
  • Mobile Application Devolpment
  • Graphis Designing
  • SEO Services
  • IT Consultation


  • Professional Assistance from certified professional in your selected program.
  • Industery based task to work with
  • Assitance in your final year project
  • Experience in all parts pf product manufacturing e.g planning designe,devolpment


We currently offer three programs that include website Devolpment,Android Application Devolpment and IOS Appliaction Devolpment. We Plane to create a customized for your final year project as per the need and requuirment tha suits each student individually to accommodate learning in the most flexible way.